Prefect of Eastern Churches Congregation Cardinal Leonardo Sandri is the Archbishop of Belarusian Greek-Catholic Church (BGCC). The Church is run by Apostolic Vizitator Ad nutum Sanctae Sedis for Greek-Catholics of Belarus Archimandrite Sergey (Gaek). He calls up sinaxes to discuss the most essential problems of BGCC clergy. Clergy of BGCC consists of 16 priests:

- arch - presbyter Andrey Ablameyka,
- arch - presbyter Leontiy (Tumovskiy),
- arch - presbyter Victor Danilov (retired),
- priest Andrey Buynich,
- priest Zmicer Grishan,
- priest Igor Kondrat'ev,
- priest Andrey Krot,
- priest Cassimere Lyakhovich,
- priest Yavgen Malinovskiy,
- priest Peter Marten,
- priest Andrey Sidorovich MIC,
- priest Yavgen Usoshin,
- priest Alexander Shevcov,
- priest Alexander Shibeka,
- priest Pakhom Kovalev (serves on Ukraine),
- priest Vasil' Egorov.

9 seminarians are being taught in religious educational establishments, including two monks-redemptionists.

* * *

Belarussian Greek-Catholic Church consists of two arch - presbyters (Dekanats): Central western is named after Blessed Mikalay (Chernecky) and Eastern named after Saint Yazafat. Arch - presbyter Andrey Ablameyka heads the Central western Arch - presbyter(Mensk, Brest, Grodno and Mensk regions). There are 12 Parishes under his guidance:

- Righteous Yazep (Mensk),
- Saint Spirit (Mensk),
- Mother of God of Tireless Help (Mensk),
- Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker (Mensk),
- Cover of Mother of God (Mar'ina Gorka),
- Saints Apostles Cyril and Methodius (Baranovichi),
- Saint Brothers Apostles Peter and Andrey (Brest),
- Fatimskaya Mother of God (Grodno),
- Zhirovichi Mother of God (Ivacevichi),
- Saint Yazafat (Lida),
- Christ Peoplelover (Molodechno),
- Saint Cyril Turovsky (Pinsk),
- Saint Trinity (Slonim).

Hieromonk Leontiy (Tumovskiy) heads Eastern Arch - presbyter. He is also the Abbot of monastery of the Saints Boris and Gleb in Polock. Arch - presbyter consists of 6 Parishes:

- Resurrections of Christ (Vitebsk),
- Christ the Savior (Vitebsk),
- Three Saints (Gomel),
- Belynici Icon of Mother of God (Mogilev),
- Cover of Mother of God (Orsha),
- Saint Yazafat (Polock).

* * *

BGCC has close relationships with Belarusian Greek-Catholics abroad. Apostolic Vizitator for Belarusian Greek-Catholics of foreignness mitrefonest arch-priest Alexander Nadson runs Church life abroad (in Western Europe and America). Parishes of Apostles Peter and Paul and Resurrection of Christ are running in London and Antwerp. Along with Father Alexander Nadson, other priests that serve abroad are Father Jan Mayseychik, Father Igor Labacevich and Father Sergey Stasevich.

Anatol' Sidarevich

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